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Shoreview Kitchen Remodel

This was an 80’s Mercedes kitchen due for a major overhaul and tune up. The first step was to open up the spaces by recessing structural beams into the attic. This eliminated the compartmentalized spaces and turned the kitchen into a centralized family command center with visual connections to the foyer, dining and family areas. The structural posts were concealed in tall cabinets which serve as a pantry and roll out appliance garage. The neutral backdrop lets the custom bleached rift cut white oak cabinets shine. The enameled feature island coordinates with the local Hennepin Made light fixtures and a handmade ceramic tile backsplash give a nod to U.S. craft made products. By carefully collaborating with the client, every cabinet was designed with specific functional uses - even down to where the lego creations go! This is truly a chef’s kitchen with a flush mounted induction cooktop, steam oven and a built-in coffee maker.


Approximate budget - $150,000 not including appliances or design fees.

Contractor: GThomas Construction 

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