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About us

Fuse57 llc architecture is a small design orientated residential architecture studio located in St. Paul, MN that specializes in unique modern solutions tailored specifically to you and only you.


We don’t believe in convoluted mission statements packed with jargon but do believe in the following:


Collaboration is king:

Well of course Elvis is the real king, but when it comes to client relationships and the design process, a strong partnership trumps all. For any design project to be successful, clear and ongoing communication is vital. At fuse57 every project is approached as a partnership based on shared ideas.

Thoughtful design is well, thoughtful:

When it comes to your home, one size does not fit all. Your space should be a reflection of your personality and how you live your life. By approaching every project as a process in which design solutions fulfill more than just space requirements, the end results are customized to how each client lives, works and plays.

Egos are checked at the door:

At fuse57 you will find big ideas, not big egos. The perception exists that working with an architect can be intimidating and although Mike has designed award-winning projects and creates impressive work, he isn’t presumptuous and still puts his pants on one leg at a time.

Budget – everyone has one:

Whether it is a souped-up Home Depot project or a super turbo custom project, everyone has a budget. At fuse57, we can help you analyze and prioritize the pieces of the project puzzle so that informed decisions can be made.

Sustainable design is part of the puzzle:

Sustainable architecture means different things to different people. From using solar panels to sourcing locally harvested lumber, there are many ways to incorporate environmental benefits in a project. At fuse57, it isn’t about being green just for green’s sake – it is about thinking of best practice solutions to make the world a better place while solving client’s needs.

The look and feel:

While not a full blooded Scandinavian, a lot of design inspiration is rooted in Scandinavian design. Things like simple shapes and efficient spaces combined with natural materials and natural light are the design cues that take center stage.

Our Team

Mike Bader photo
Mike Bader, AIA

Tel: 612.845.3271

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