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Residential architecture design process
Residential architecture design process
Residential architecture design process
Residential architecture drawings
Residential architecture design drawings

Where to begin?

Every residential project is different but the general architectural design process is fairly linear as outlined below. fuse57 llc architecture can provide all of these phases as a full service design or it can provide limited services, tailored to meet your project goals.


Interview and initial discussions

It starts with calling or emailing fuse57 llc architecture and requesting a ‘meet and greet’. Here we would discuss your project goals, what we can bring to the table, talk fees, timelines and anything else related to your project. A proposal for services would then be prepared for you to review and approve before moving on to the next step. There is no charge for initial discussions and the design proposal.


Info gathering and documentation

This is where your wants and needs get quantified and the goals to the project become defined.  Much of that is discussed in the initial discussions but it is elaborated on based on the complexity of your project. The existing spaces are verified and existing base plans are generated. Land surveys and zoning code research takes place now. Photo scrap books found on Houzz or Pinterest are helpful to establish stylistic goals.

Schematic design 

This is where concepts and spatial relationships become organized through rough sketches or through massing models. Usually, there are a number of options presented which later become refined into a singular idea. The scale and complexity of the project will drive the extent of this phase but smaller scaled projects typically combine both the Schematic and Design development phases into a single design phase.

Design development 

The design becomes further developed with more drawings, additional model studies, material and product options are researched and major ones selected. Again, scale and complexity of the project will drive the extent of this phase but it ends with becoming the foundation of the construction documents. In addition, an outline specification can be prepared to obtain preliminary pricing. Getting a contractor or two involved is a good idea.

Construction documents 

This phase is where we develop the drawings so they can be become the tools that contractors use for accurate construction costs and understand how the building goes together as a system and what products and materials are to be used. Cities can use these for reviewing for permitting and zoning. The drawings then become part of the construction contract between the owner and the contractor.


Here we interface with the Contractor and Owner throughout the design process and respond to cost and constructability issues.

Construction Administration 

During this phase we will provide job site assistance required during construction.  We review the construction activities with respect to the documents, provide clarification, and review quality levels of the trades and monitor schedules. This is where the ideas of the design concepts are being implemented. Site meetings, a quick sketch clarifying or modifying a detail and regular communication are way to insure that.  The construction phase is where it all happens, turning ideas into reality.

More information on architectural design phases can be found at AIA MN - click here.


Limited Services

Beyond providing full service design fuse57 llc architecture can provide the following limited service packages that may align better with your project.

Schematic ideas only: you want help analyzing your needs to come up with broad brush ideas that uncover the possibilities before committing too much.

Site planning: you have some land and want to know how your new dream house or cabin can lay out.

Kitchens and Baths: we spend a lot of time in these spaces so they deserve extra attention.

Permit sets: you want the design ideas and a limited set of drawings that would get you a building permit. The details, materials and products would be worked out between you and the builder.

Interested? Let's chat!

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